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How To Fix iPhone Won't Charge, How To Fix iPhone Won't Charge

My iPhone Won’t Charge, This is The Way To Solve It

Owning a cell phone is certainly not without problems, even if it is the newest or most advanced type of cell phone. One problem that most Android and iPhone users fear is their battery not charging. On this occasion xabiamedia.com explains why my iPhone won’t charge and how to fix it.

An iPhone not charging issue is pretty serious damage and will likely need to be replaced as the user will not be able to use the phone at all. If this happens to you, don’t panic. Before you go to the service center or buy a new phone, there are ways to fix your phone not charging.

Why Won’t My iPhone Charge

Before we discuss how to deal with a non-rechargeable battery, we must determine why. There are two reasons why your iPhone is not charging. These include component damage, such as overheating, aging, and physical damage, and system damage, such as viruses, improperly installed applications, and improper repairs. So why is my phone not charging ??

Of course, different causes have different ways to fix it. There are also two types of completely dead or bricked: soft bricks, where the device shows signs of life but appears to be dead, and hard bricks, where the iPhone is completely dead and the iPhone won’t charge. Both hard and soft bricks can be caused by :

1. Cell Phones Are Old

Just like humans, cell phones age. Phone components have limited resistance, so they don’t always work properly. Prolonged use of mobile phones can damage internal components. This complete outage usually occurs on mobile phones that have been in use for more than two years.

2. Your iPhone Is Overheating

Why won’t my iphone charge ? This may be due to the overhead. Phones can overheat or get hot, and the phone body often gets hot during use. If left unchecked, it generates heat that can damage internal components and cause catastrophic problems, one of which is complete death.

Overheating often occurs when using heavy applications such as online games. Additionally, it can also be caused by having too many applications open. Ok maybe this article can help those who are having overhead issues, How to stop phone overheating.

3. There Is a System Error

System errors and bugs can affect phone performance as we are usually not keen on updating the system or updating it regularly. Updates provided by developers include features, bugs, etc. adds. A bug in the system can cause the iPhone won’t charge and only respond to vibrations, a condition known as soft bricking.

4. Drain Your Phone Battery

Why is my phone not charging in most cases, mobile phone users handle their battery levels extremely carelessly until the battery dies and the phone turns off automatically. This is how it’s usually done. In fact, almost all mobile phones give alerts when the battery is low and needs to be recharged soon.

Ignoring this situation is actually very dangerous. A minimum current of 300 mkv and a voltage of 3.4-4 V are required to optimally charge a mobile phone. Your iPhone won’t charge and may die completely.

5. Battery Damaged

Cell phone batteries can be damaged by misuse, such as continuing to use while charging or not charging them fully. The condition of the battery will continue to deteriorate and will eventually suffer in the long run. If thebattery not charging, your iPhone won’t charge which is usually indicated by a bulge in the battery.

6. IC Power Damage

Why won’t my iphone charge ? This could be due to hardware damage. An IC power supply is a gadget component capable of powering multiple components of a mobile phone from a battery. So, if this component gets damaged, the phone will definitely stop responding. One of them is that your iPhone not charging or die when you try to turn it on.

7. Broken Battery Connector

If your phone battery is fine but your iPhone not charging and won’t turn on. This means there is a problem with the battery connector. For example, rust and dirt can make it difficult for the battery to connect to the device’s hardware, preventing it from charging and turning it on and off completely.

8. Using The Wrong Charger

Using a non-genuine or non-mobile phone charger or electronic charger may couse your iPhone won’t charge. Some chargers have their own classification that can be adapted to mobile phones. Even the same brand charger may not work on all mobile phones.

9. Dropped iPhone in Water

An iPhone not charging can also be caused by a short circuit from contact with water or from being dropped. A short circuit can damage components inside the phone and impair the phone’s performance. How do you getting water out of phone in such a case, if it’s completely dry try charging the battery.

How To Fix iPhone Won’t Charge

How To Fix iPhone Won't Charge, How To Fix iPhone Won't Charge

There are various ways to fix iPhone not charging issue. Well, if your iPhone has suddenly stopped charging, you can do it at home without going to a service center. Not all causes are component issues so it could be a system issue. You can try some easy ways to deal with it with minimal risk.

Here’s how to fix your iPhone not charging :

1. Try Charging The Battery

How to fix iPhone won’t charge the first thing you can do is charge the battery. If your phone responds while charging, your phone may be out of battery. This condition is not caused by system or component damage.

Of course, even if I try to turn it on again and again with the power button, the phone does not answer. However, if the phone heats up quickly or overheats while charging, please unplug it immediately and do not continue charging to avoid unwanted things.

2. Alternatively Use a Desktop Charger

You can also try charging it with another desktop charger or a charger specifically designed to charge the battery outside of your phone case. This charger is for older phones with removable batteries only. So this method cannot be used to overcome the internal battery.

Take the battery out of the phone body, plug it into the desktop charger and wait until it’s full. Then try connecting it to your phone again and turn it on. If your phone turns on, you have damage to your phone charger or hardware. Please go to a service center to check.

3. Test With Another Battery

If battery damage is the reason why your iPhone won’t charge, the real problem is that the battery voltage is too low. If your phone battery is removable, try replacing it with a new battery to make sure the battery is original or in good condition. Or if you just want to check the status, try using another compatible HP battery.

If the included charging cable does not charge and you are using the internal battery, try a different charger. But make sure the charger is original and new. Using a used, non-genuine charger may cause more serious problems and may not completely resolve the death that has occurred.

4. Flushing

Flashing is a process aimed at replacing a damaged or outdated operating system with a normal or up-to-date one. To help you overcome a completely dead phone, we highly recommend flashing it to get it working again. This is how you can fix iPhone not charging without power button.

Flashing requires a laptop or PC and a smooth internet connection. Each phone has different flashing methods depending on the system offered by each provider. But before that, the phone itself flashes in different ways depending on the phone brand.

This is because each provider has a different system. You can search the Internet for flashing methods that match your phone brand. You can follow the tutorial and choose a reliable video or site (like official forums for your phone) to apply it best for your phone.

5. Delete Data and Cache

The next way to fix iPhone won’t charge issue is to clear cache and data accumulated on your phone. In a completely dead state, this method can be done in recovery mode. You can access recovery mode by following these steps :

  • Press and hold the power button and the volume down button simultaneously for a few seconds. This key combination varies by phone brand. Because this combination is used most often
  • Then the phone will vibrate and enter recovery mode
  • Select the delete menu
  • Then select Wipe Data and Clear Cache to clear all data and junk files in it
  • Wait for the process to complete
  • Turn off the phone in recovery mode when you’re done
  • Then try turning your phone back on
  • If it’s really a system problem, after doing this method, the phone usually returns to normal and does not turn off completely. This process will take some time. Be patient and avoid touching the buttons carelessly.
  • Alternatively, you can restart your iPhone.

6. Run The Wipe System

The method of this method is same as iPhone not charging before. The difference is that this method does not remove data and cache, it simply wipes the system or system. Wipe System aims to erase the system installed on your phone. To allow access to the delete system.

You must enter recovery mode first. Then follow these steps :

  • Enter recovery mode using key combination
  • Select the Wipe menu and select Wipe System
  • Press Yes on the notification that appears and wait for the process to complete
  • Once done, reinstall your system using the .zip file containing the firmware ROM

7. Repair If Your Iphone Bootloop

Bootloop is the term used when the phone is completely off and when you turn it on it only shows the system logo or the term stuck on Apple logo. In this case, the way to fix the iPhone won’t charge issue is to access the recovery mode, which allows you to erase your device’s data, system or cache. Follow these steps :

  • For your safety, remove the battery (if the battery is not installed), SIM card and memory card from the device before entering recovery mode and return them after 24 hours
  • Use the key combination to access the recovery mode
  • Select wipe data
  • Then select Erase all user data option to delete all data like factory reset
  • After the data wipe is complete, select the Reboot system now menu to reboot your phone

8. Make a Quick Boost

Fastboost is the solution or reliable method when your iPhone not charging and turn on. Compared to using flash or recovery mode, this method is claimed to be better and safer. To do this, you need firmware and flash software. Maximize your phone’s performance with official firmware. You can run Fastboost like this:

  • Download tools and materials (depending on your phone type)
  • Unzip the downloaded file and place it in a folder
  • Install Flash on your computer and click Next
  • Normally a security warning will appear, but select Install this driver software anyway
  • Wait for the installation process to complete
  • Open Flash app and click Browse to select the extracted firmware
  • Click on Browse menu and change to Advanced
  • Displays various options. Select Fast boost script from previously opened folder
  • Connect your phone to your computer using a USB data cable
  • Press volume up + volume down + power button at the same time
  • Then you will see a notification that your device is connected to your computer. Release all buttons, click Update and Flash
  • The flashing will continue until you see the Successfully completed notification
  • Unplug the data cable and then power cycle the phone. If successful, the phone will reboot

9. Check The Mains Voltage

In addition to the system, a problem with the power supply voltage or a broken outlet can also be the cause of the iPhone won’t charge. First of all, if the socket is damaged, it means that the charger cannot draw current and cannot charge your phone. Find another working outlet for optimum charging. You can also use a voltage controller such as a multi-tester or power supply from the battery compartment (if the cell phone battery is removable).

10. Use One-Click Software

If the previous method didn’t work, you can use One Click Unbrick Software to fix iPhone not charging issue. It can be downloaded from the Internet. The method is as follows :

  • Before you can use One Click Unbrick on your PC, download java first
  • Click download the one-click unblocker
  • Then open the downloaded file
  • Look in the OneClick folder and copy the OneClick.jar file and paste it into OneClick heimdalloneclick Resources -HeimdallPackage
  • After that, right click on oneclickloader.exe and select Run as administrator
  • Then continue installing Heimdall

After successful installation, you will see the text One Click Unbrick. Now you can connect your phone to your PC and click the non-soft brick button for the next action. This method can be quite difficult for beginners, but it is a very effective way to deal with your iPhone not charging.

11. Take It To Service Center

If you have followed all the methods to repair your iPhone won’t charge as above and you won’t be able to fix it either. Consider taking it to an authorized cell phone service center. Because if the above methods are not effective, the damage is most likely to a component and will require professional repair. The damage is usually found in the IC power supply.

Bring the phone to a service center to have it checked to see which components are damaged. If something breaks and needs to be repaired or replaced, it usually takes a day or two. The amount of service fee also varies and may or may not be free if the phone is still under warranty. So I hope it helps !!

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