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How To Clean Phone Camera Lens, How To Clean Inside a Camera Lens

How To Clean Phone Camera Lens At Home, Simple !!

Almost every new HP version comes with a camera with many advanced features. This camera feature is very useful as it allows you to easily capture important moments. However, no matter how good the camera is, if the lens is dusty and blurry, the photos will definitely not be good. So you need to know how to clean phone camera lens.

Just like any electronic device, your mobile phone needs maintenance. Camera parts are highly susceptible to scratches, damage and breakage. A camera full of scratches, haze, and dirt can affect the quality of your photos. Camera lenses work like the human eye. Therefore, if something is damaged, the image quality will naturally deteriorate, or you will not be able to take pictures.

Causes of Dirty Phone Camera Lens

The benefit of cleaning camera lens regularly is to maintain the quality and look of your camera. In addition, it is also important for you to know how to clean phone case. There are several reasons why the images produced by cameras can be blurry and unclear.

1. Powder

Accidental neglect or using your phone in a dusty environment can cause dirt to accumulate and mark the coating on your camera. It’s important to know how to clean phone camera lens at home because dust in your camera can cause problems.

2. Fingerprint

Fingerprints are definitely hard to avoid. The main problem with dirty cameras is greasy hands

3. Face Oil

The HP front camera is inseparable from the danger of exposure to facial oils. As a result, the quality of the camera will deteriorate if it is not cleaned immediately.

4. Scratches

Accidentally bumping or scratching your phone camera when dropped can leave even more serious marks. In this case, you will have to make more efforts to get the camera back to normal. How to clean phone camera lens scratched is very easy. All you need is a camera lens cleaning kit on the market.

5. Mold

Due to the high humidity in tropical countries, the chances of mold growing on your camera phone are very high. But this is not the cause, and the fungus can grow. However, due to the frequent splashes, the phone does not dry out quickly.

Camera Lens Cleaning Kit

Of course, mobile phones with good cameras also require close attention. Well, cleaning your phone’s camera should also be done carefully and thoroughly. You can use the following camera lens cleaning kits to clean your camera.

  • Microfiber cloth
  • Cotton swabs (cotton swabs)
  • Cleaning spray

Wiping the phone camera with a cloth is not recommended. It looks smooth, but it can stick or scratch the back of the camera. Camera lens cleaning kits are available on the market at affordable prices.

In addition to cleaning the lens of your camera phone, you can use simple ingredients you can find anywhere. as follows :

– Eucalyptus Oil : Effectively removes hard-to-clean dust.
– Toothpaste : can be used to remove minor scratches on your camera
– A mixture of clean water and alcohol or vinegar

A mixture of distilled water, disinfectant, and alcohol or vinegar can be used to clean a greasy HP camera. Use the above cleaning solutions only if cleaning with the camera cleaning tool does not remove the dirt.

How To Clean Phone Camera Lens

How much does it cost to clean an iPhone or Android camera? Avoid spending on service centers when you know how to clean a scratched, damp, or dusty HP camera. Here are some camera lens cleaning methods you can try to take care of your favorite device.

1. With Toothpaste

Not many people may know that you can use toothpaste or toothpaste to clean your phone’s camera. If you still have minor scratches, try cleaning your HP camera with scratches. We recommend using real white toothpaste to clean and improve the quality of your camera lens.

Please follow the steps below.

  • Apply toothpaste on a microfiber cloth
  • Gently rub the lens of your HP camera
  • You can also use a cotton swab instead of a cloth.
  • How to put toothpaste on the ear lighter
  • Rotate clockwise until evenly distributed across the camera lens
  • Wait a second
  • Then wipe with a damp soft cloth

Toothpaste is said to be able to hide small scratches on a cell phone’s camera lens, and a protective layer of oleophobic coating, usually on the outside of the camera lens, to maintain its strength. This protective layer helps prevent your HP camera from being easily scratched.

However, if there are scratches, they can be repaired using toothpaste. Toothpaste can also clean dusty and cloudy HP cameras. How about using this toothpaste to clean scratches on your phone’s camera lens ? Please practice how to clean phone camera lens at home.

2. Contains Eucalyptus Oil

Who would have thought that eucalyptus oil, normally used to treat colds, could also be used to clean cell phone cameras? So, how to clean the inside of an opaque camera lens with eucalyptus oil? You can try the following methods.

  • Prepare a microfiber cloth or soft cloth
  • Apply some eucalyptus oil on the cloth
  • Gently rub the HP camera lens clockwise

Cleaning your HP camera lens with eucalyptus oil will remove dust from the camera lens. Eucalyptus oil effectively removes dust, making your HP camera look cleaner. If you don’t have eucalyptus oil, you can replace it with 70% alcohol, which you can buy at your local pharmacy.

3. With Camera Lens Cleaner Kit

Not satisfied with the above methods? You can use cleaning or disinfection solutions to clean your phone’s camera. However, whatever cleaning solution you use, make sure it does not contain chemical additives. This is because it can damage the protective film on the camera lens.

How to clean phone camera lens of this method is pretty much the same as number 2 above. Dip the microfiber cloth in the cleaning solution and rub gently clockwise. Microfiber cloth should be used as it has a smooth texture and will not scratch the glass coating.

This type of cloth is often used to clean sensitive electronic device components. You can also use a microfiber cloth to clean or maintain your phone’s camera daily. Be sure to clean and dry the cloth after each use.

How to Clean The Camera Lens Blurry

Is your smartphone camera shaken ? You can use the tape that came with your camera to make the photos blurry and clear. Here’s how to deal with blurry cameras:

  • First, cut the tape a little so it’s not too big
  • Attach to your camera and customize
  • Make sure the tape is installed correctly and there are no gaps.
  • This method to overcome the blurry camera is very suitable for applying to old style phones. Do not get or
  • touch the camera tape. Dirty tape can make your camera even more blurry than before.

How To Clean Inside a Camera Lens

How To Clean Phone Camera Lens, How To Clean Inside a Camera Lens

In addition to smudges, camera fogging issues can also cause blurry photos. This issue usually occurs when the phone has been exposed to water such as in the rain or in a bathroom splash. In fact, the dew on camera lenses sometimes goes away on its own, but that’s not all.

1. There is a Hair Dryer

  • First turn off your phone and remove the battery if necessary
  • Turn on the hair dryer and select the lowest temperature
  • Warm up your phone remotely, especially the camera part. Can be targeted from the tip of the mobile phone
  • Do not let your phone get too hot while drying it with a hair dryer.
  • If you want to be more effective, you can also disassemble the case and clean the camera manually instead of just using a hair dryer.

Leaving the camera under dew for a long time can leave marks on the lens, so you need to dry it quickly. Follow this tutorial how to clean phone camera lens at home.

2. By Replacing The Camera Lens Cover

If you have a scratched or dirty HP lens that cannot be cleaned with white toothpaste, eucalyptus oil, or disinfectant, you can use this method to clean the inside of the camera lens. However, this method requires the ability to open the camera lens with a razor and replace the lens cap.

Of course, you have to do this carefully. You can replace the camera lens cover with a new one after removing it. Of course, you will need to buy a new lens cap. If you don’t have money, you can use another method using clear colored tape.

Dirt and dust not only stick to the outside of your camera, but can also get into your camera lens. In this case, the cleaning steps above are definitely less effective and a more effective method is needed. strange? Here’s how to clean the camera lens inside your iPhone and Android.

3. Using Mini Tire Blower

The nexts how to clean phone camera lens at home is using mini tire blower. You can buy this camera lens cleaning kit from marketplace. Its usage is as follows :

  • Open phone case
  • If you have a bolt that covers your case or phone, use a small screwdriver for the size of your phone’s bolt. If there are no bolts, open the rear case directly
  • For cases that are difficult to open, use special tools such as caps or clamps such as small pliers to attach objects to the glass
  • Prepare a mini blower after opening the case or phone
  • The blower sucks the dust left on the lens
  • Wipe again with cotton or tissue when sufficiently cleaned
  • Replace the case or phone bolts or close the phone case tightly after cleaning
  • Your phone’s camera lens is ready to use.

How to Care Phone Camera Lenses

Once you learn how to clean phone camera lens, condensation and smudges build up. You should also know how to care for your camera lens. In fact, many people are too lazy to clean their camera lenses and haven’t done so in years.

Here are some tips :

  1. Use a phone case to keep some distance between the camera lens and the mattress, table, or other flat area underneath. Along with the case, the surface of the camera lens is slightly raised to avoid direct contact with the rough surface of the desk, which contains dust and small particles that can scratch the lens.
  2. Do not put your phone in your pants pocket, especially in your jeans pocket. Worst place for a cell phone. The rough surface of the pants rubs against the camera body and lens, and it can be scratched if you put it in your pocket.
  3. Do not place your phone in a damp place as it may fog up the camera lens.
  4. Especially on smartphones with protruding camera positions, place your phone in the position below the screen to avoid scratching the camera lens.
  5. Avoid direct collision with rear camera
  6. Do not place your phone anywhere, including rough surfaces, as it may scratch the HP lens cover.
  7. Protect your phone camera lens with best screen protector or silicone.
  8. In addition, having the best cell phone insurance can also provide you with complete care and protection of your cell phone.

Here’s how to clean phone camera lens at home. You can buy a camera lens cleaning kit on the marketplace or use simple materials, but you need to be careful how you clean the inside of the camera lens to avoid damaging the camera components. If you cannot afford it, take the phone to a service center for repair.

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