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Accessories For Smartphones

Accessories For Smartphones That Most Popular

The use of smartphones or similar devices to gain additional functionality cannot be separated from the need to use accessories. If so, you can start making a list of accessories for smartphones that you don’t have but you will need and want to buy. And maybe you can also read this article how to fix ghost touch.

Accessories of mobile phone are not limited to cases. Actually, there are many wholesale phone case accessories you can buy. Xabiamedia explains the various types of accessories that should be used when working with all types of smartphones.

Accessories For Smartphones

Remember that smartphone accessories are enhancements that complement and beautify your smartphone. There are many accessories you can use to get the most out of your experience. However, you don’t have to put everything in order. Please choose the accessory you need most below.

1. Phone Case

Cases are one of the most popular phone accessories. It is now available in both online and offline cell phone accessory store. Using a cell phone case gives you many benefits. You can also read how to clean phone case to keep the outside of your phone clean.

The advantages of using case accessories for smartphones are :

  • Protect your phone from dust, dirt and scratches
  • Avoid collision
  • Prevent water from entering the phone
  • Add a trendy look with contemporary shapes and color options
  • The type itself has a soft case and a hard case, and you can choose according to your use and preference. This type of soft case is in great demand by mobile phone and smartphone users.
  • Generally, this type of case is made of various materials such as rubber or silicone, which can absorb shocks better.

Another case option is a rigid case, which is usually made of a hard, rigid material such as plastic or steel. The advantage of this type of phone case is that it covers the phone better, is stronger and generally fits the phone body. As a result, it is less likely to fall into a hard case when used with a mobile phone.

2. Bluetooth Headset

Accessories for smartphones such as Bluetooth speakers and headphones to a variety of devices. These cool phone accessories come in a variety of price points, from cheap and affordable to expensive. In general, the more expensive the product, the higher the quality.

So the money you spend is very valuable. These mobile phone accessories offer many advantages such as ease of use, practicality, ample space and safety while driving.

But you should also know that you need battery power to use these two tools. Therefore, it must constantly monitor battery power and quickly charge and recharge. You must search cell phone accessories store near me to get the headset.

3. Screen Protector

Just from the name you can tell that the screen protector or protector is a mobile phone screen protector. And its not to be underestimated features make it one of the most popular phone accessories and must-haves for smartphones. Among the options you can consider when purchasing this accessory, there are three types:

  • Clear
  • Matte and
  • Privacy

This type of transparent protector is the best selling product in the market and can protect your screen from fine and coarse scratches. Equipped with various functions such as matte type and anti-glare type. This type of screen protector not only protects your screen from scratches but also reduces sunlight.

Unfortunately, this accessories for smartphones suffers from iridescent light degradation that hinders vision. If you want to protect your privacy while using your mobile phone, the right type of screen protector is also known as privacy type or spy guard. Make sure you use the best screen protector.

4. USB Car Charger

Like common chargers, USB car chargers are useful tools for charging a variety of devices such as smartphones and tablets. The difference is that this tool is used in cars. Today, there are many brands that offer fast charging feature that allows users to charge their device’s battery faster.

When purchasing this accessories for smartphones, check the charging speed standards to ensure more optimal charging of your smartphone or tablet. Not only that, you also need to make sure your device is compatible with the charger in your car. Therefore, you should choose carefully and not let your guard down.

If the charging terminal does not support fast charging, pay attention to the output during charging. It is important not to underestimate the power output of a car charger, especially if the charging terminals do not support fast charging standards.

5. Outer Lens

Outer lenses are also known as cool cell phone accessories and are available for different types and brands of smartphones. If you’re tired of your phone’s camera shots, try using an external lens that can take unique and different shots. By the way, you must read the article how to clean phone camera lens.

Most Popular Phone Accessories

1. Power bank

When it comes to accessories for smartphones, there is definitely an interest in buying and owning powerbanks. Like other mobile accessories, powerbanks are available at various online stores and cell phone accessories store near in your place of residence.

However, there are still those who do not know what a powerbank is. Power bank is a gadget charger that you can use anytime, anywhere, especially when you are away from a power source. This mobile phone accessory can also be called a power tank or backup battery.

How a power bank works Generally, a power bank has batteries connected in parallel, so the current output is higher, but the voltage remains constant. There are three types of power banks that you can easily find in the market:

  • Universal power bank
  • Solar power bank
  • Power bank with battery system

A power bank consists of various electronic circuits that act as an electrical regulator while the power bank is charging or often called charging or using this product to charge your mobile phone. These are the most popular phone accessories and you must haves.

2. Wristbands and Smart Watches

Armband and smartwatch are two terms familiar to smartphone users. No matter how busy you are, there is always time to exercise. Make it even more fun with accessories for smartphones like armbands. While exercising, you can enjoy entertainment such as listening to music on your smartphone without having to hold your mobile phone in your hand.

This is because the phone uses an armband that fits and secures the device. Another accessory you can use is the smart watch. A smart device that connects to a smartphone. This single device can perform various functions with or without a clock. Access news, weather information, incoming calls, messages, heart rate and more through your smartwatch.

3. Waterproof Case

A phone case can definitely protect your device from scratches and dirt. But it can’t protect your phone from water when it’s raining or swimming. For this you need an accessories for smartphones like a waterproof case. You may want to take pictures with your phone while playing in a water blast or jumping into the ocean.

Unfortunately, you cannot do this, especially if your phone is not a waterproof product. This is why waterproofing is widely purchased and used by smartphone owners. Choose a waterproof case that fits your needs and budget and is made of high-quality materials to keep your phone safe.

Also pay attention to functions such as a strap that can be worn around the neck. This product must be made of a transparent material so that photos and videos remain clear even when in the phone case. Also, if you are using your phone in a waterproof case, be careful not to react sensitively to the touchscreen.

4. Earplugs

Equally important, the next cool cell phone accessory is earplugs. This device is used to plug or cover the ear to reduce the level of noise entering the ear. Usually these tools are made of quality foam or plastic and are small in size.

Not many people know that earplugs are more than an accessories for smartphones. Because it has many benefits such as :

  • Prevent ear infections
  • Prevent noise-induced hearing loss
  • Sleep better
  • Helps you focus more on what you are doing

5. Tongsis ( Narcissistic Stick )

Selfie stick is the best phone accessories to complement your cell phone use nowadays. Tongsis is a technology that is among the top 25 inventions of 2014. The main function of this product is to help users take better photos.

This one-of-a-kind accessories for smartphones is suitable for those who love to travel and capture moments without the help of others. In fact, the tongs themselves are stick-shaped tools, but at the end of the stick is a mobile phone holder. You can choose sticks from 20cm to 100cm in length.

6. Tomsis ( Nurse Button )

The selfie button is a cool phone accessories for taking photos and videos with your phone. It is widely used by those who want to get the best photos without the help of others.

Tomsis is the latest technology that looks like a remote control. Tomsis can change the functionality of your phone’s camera button. You can use this product to take photos and videos without setting a timer or timer. Despite its small size, Tomsis comes with a wide variety of options, including Bluetooth Tomsis and Cable Tomsis.

7. Bluetooth Game Controller

Want more freedom and comfort in your games ? Don’t worry, we have Gameklip and Bluetooth Gamepads. These are modern accessories for smartphones. This tool connects to your smartphone and lets you play your favorite games the way you want. Its function is a control stick that makes it easy to play games with different buttons for different functions.


OTG stands for on-the-go, widely used for a variety of needs. If you are using USB OTG, you can read the flash device through the USB OTG port. The connector of this device has two different ends.

The first connector can be accessed via your computer’s USB port and the other can be used with your smartphone’s USB port. This mobile accessory makes it easy to use your smartphone while transferring data from your smartphone to your computer.

You can also use the USB OTG device for other needs such as controlling the device with keywords or mouse. If you want to work with your tablet, keyboard and mouse, simply connect your devices using OTG cables.

9. Popsocket

Another accessories for smartphones you must haves is a popsocket. This tool helps you to hold gadgets including smartphones more easily. This makes using the device more convenient and safe. Also this can be used as a coil of cable for the earphone and a cable for the charger.

10. Cell Phone Holder

A cool phone accessories to get the most out of your phone is a holder. This tool is also the tool you need. One of the advantages of this product is that it does not fall off easily as it becomes a grip or support for your phone. If you like watching movies and series, please use it.

So you can enjoy every moment without feeling pain while holding your mobile phone. This most popular phone accessory is very useful for those who usually create video content or even live stream on social media.

11. Spiral cord

The most popular phone accessories is the spiral cable. This tool can be used to protect cables. Also, the USB cable of the phone charger is not easily soiled or exposed to water. At an affordable price, every cell phone owner can buy a spiral cable. This product can also be purchased online from your local cell phone accessory store or from various online shopping platforms.

12. Earphone Protector

In fact, earphone holders are widely used by mobile phone users. Although it is accessories for smartphones must haves. Because this tool is very useful for cleaning and storing your headphones. With the earphone holder, you can wrap your earphones without worrying about the cables being easily damaged.

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