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How To Fix Ghost Touch On iPhone

How To Fix Ghost Touch On iPhone, It’s Easy

Smartphone is like an inseparable friend. With more frequent use, damage is very likely to occur, including on your phone’s screen. If you’re curious or wondering how to fix ghost touch, we’ll try to discuss it here. No one likes it when their phone has a problem.

Adding a best screen protector accessory such as Gorilla Glass is essential. Wouldn’t it certainly be very frustrating if your phone screen was moving on its own? Do you already know why your phone’s screen is moving on its own?Here’s the explanation.

Why is My iPhone Glitching

It is said to be a high-performance smartphone that supplements it, but it is not without weaknesses. One of the problems many smartphone users experience is that the phone screen suddenly moves without being touched. So how to fix ghost touch on iPhone and which actually makes the iphone screen moving on its own ?

Below are the reasons why the iphone x screen popping out :

1. LCD Damage

Yes, phone screens are experiencing interference and self-behavior is no longer a new problem in cell phone use. There are several reasons why is my iphone glitching. One of them is screen or LCD (liquid crystal display) damage. We are familiar with the position of screens and LCD mobile phones.

Check the partition to see its status. Phone screens are prone to problems. If the phone is splashed with water, the iphone screen moving on its own. To fix such problems, of course, you need to replace the LCD with a new one. This will also help prevent the problem from spreading to other parts of the phone.

2. The Charger Is Broken

Check if the iphone screen glitch while charging. In this case, the phone charger may be damaged. It’s not impossible to damage your phone’s screen if you keep using it. The most likely how to fix ghost touch is to replace the charger and only use genuine products.

3. Broken Screen Protector

Screen protectors are used as phone screen protection. However, if it becomes corrupted it will not work properly. This can also cause the phone screen to move up and down.

If the screen protector is dirty, please remove it and clean it properly to avoid damage. However, if it is already damaged, you can replace it with a top quality screen protector.

4. Warm Screen

Just like any other device, the phone can easily overheat if forced to overwork. Each touchscreen has a temperature tolerance to ensure proper operation under maximum conditions. Even if the outside of the phone is hot, the devices inside are hot.

Stop using the phone for a few minutes until the temperature returns to normal. To overcome this, another how to fix ghost touch is to install an additional copper emitter on the case. This helps dissipate heat. However, we do not recommend this method.

5. Battery Damage or Discharge

Smartphone users are often unaware that their battery is spinning out of control. Don’t let this kind of thing happen all the time as it’s not good for your phone this is one of the reasons why is my iphone glitching, especially when the battery is low.

Ghost touch is a phenomenon that occurs on the phone screen. Phone screens follow your own heart. So the floating screen will automatically open the specific app without stopping. The easiest how to fix ghost touch on iPhone is to charge your phone’s battery immediately.

If the problem persists, simply check the battery health. A physical characteristic of a damaged or weak battery is a swollen battery. This indicates that the user should replace the battery to avoid damage to other components, while iphone x screen popping out.

6. High CPU and RAM Load

In any case, excess is not good. There are no exceptions to the CPU and RAM performance of devices like smartphones. It is not impossible for ghost touches to occur when these two components are overloaded. Try not to overuse your phone by reducing your app usage accordingly. This restores phone performance stability and prevents ghost touches.

7. ROM has Bugs

In programming terms, bug is the term used for software bugs or defects. In software, a bug is a malfunction that interferes with the performance of an app or smartphone and causes the app to not work properly.

I finally realized that a software or app bug added to the list of reasons why a device behaves on its own. Upgrading your ROM to the latest version may resolve this issue. The phone is more stable and meets the needs of smartphones.

How To Fix Ghost Touch on iPhone

Already know¬† why is my iphone glitching ? The next step is to fix your phone so that you can use it comfortably. There are many ways to get around the failure screen, but you can try them one by one. This requires knowledge and patience, so make sure you’re in no rush and want immediate results.

1. Replace the cable and charger

If your phone charger is visibly damaged, it is unacceptable not to replace it immediately. A broken charger cannot be used to charge a mobile phone battery. Apart from that, it can also damage certain components of your phone.

2. How to fix ghost touch with replace the battery

Just like the charger, the battery will need to be replaced when it no longer works. Or when the battery capacity starts getting low. For example, a battery that dies as soon as it is charged. A swollen battery may indicate that you need to use a new cell phone battery.

3. Keep your phone cool

Overheating is not good, so you can cool down your mobile first to overcome the current problem. Don’t let your phone get hot. I still use it nonstop. Phone heat can create new problems, including damage to existing components such as cell phone screens.

4. Check the screen protector and cleaning

The next how to fix ghost touch is to replace your screen protector. Using a screen protector on your smartphone is very important. As the name suggests, this object becomes a screen protector against scratches that can desensitize your screen. It also protects your phone’s LCD screen from dust, dirt and sunlight.

How long have you been using your phone screen protector ?Even if you installed it on a new phone, make sure you also know how to clean phone camera lens.Well, after using your phone for a period of time. If the screen moves naturally, you can clean the screen protector.

5. Replacing ROMs

Is his ROM capacity small in your phone? If so, it’s no surprise that the phone’s performance degrades as the remaining memory space gets smaller. Besides improving the performance of your mobile, there are other reasons to change the ROM you use every day on your mobile. We have a lot.

One of them is the problem that the screen moves even though the screen of the mobile phone is not touched. ROM or read-only memory refers to the internal storage media where the phone’s firmware and default apps are stored. ROM can be interpreted as an internal storage medium and hardware that acts as read-only data.

6. Factory Reset

Resetting the system to factory settings may not be a viable option. This is because you have to start from scratch, including installing all the essential apps on your phone. Not only that, you should back up your data and make sure you don’t lose a single important file.

It’s a very tedious and time-consuming process, but if you’re curious about how to fix a broken iPhone screen, it’s worth trying. Factory reset is how to fix ghost touch that phone owners can do. This means that the phone should be reset to factory settings or the same settings as when the phone was first purchased.

7. Go To Service Center

This is usually the last option for most people. Call the best HP service center if you have tried various methods and still cannot fix the phone problem yourself.

How to Fix Screen Glitches

How to Fix Screen Glitches, How To Fix Ghost Touch On iPhone2

Modern smartphones have touch screens or touch screens that can be easily operated without pressing specific physical buttons on the phone. Touchscreen smartphones are cool and comfortable to use, but they also come with risks. It is possible that the touchscreen itself is somehow damaged.

Using poor quality USB cables and leaking batteries are some of the common causes of such failures. Try some methods how to fix ghost touch that are believed to overcome iphone screen moving on its own.

1. Move Charger to Another Outlet

An example situation is when the iPhone X touchscreen is interrupted and not working while charging. This may be due to unstable power lines. Move the charger to another outlet to ensure a steady flow of electricity.

2. Use Quality USB cables

A good quality USB cable might be more work, but it’s more satisfying to use. We focus not only on satisfaction, but also on quality. Non-genuine USB may affect the battery charging process. This shows that mobile phone touch screens often move naturally.

3. Calibrate Your HP Display

The next way how to fix ghost touch on iphone is to calibrate your screen. You can make your touch more sensitive while the iphone screen glitches and moving on its owm, is to set the screen calibration. Open the setting menu and perform calibration. This is important for maintaining touch screen state.

4. Force Disable GPU Rendering

I forced GPU rendering off while looking for a way to fix the auto screen error. Not all mobile phone users understand and understand this. Usually when you buy a phone, forced GPU rendering is already enabled.

This mod is similar to developer mode so you can disable it. Turn on USB debugging when you connect your phone to your laptop or PC. Then select the Force GPU Rendering option to disable it.

Tips to Make iPhone Screen More Durable

A slight problem with your phone is definitely very annoying. Phone screens are delicate parts. Proper maintenance can prevent damage or problems with these parts, so you have nothing to worry about. Once you’ve learned how to fix ghost touch.

Here are some tips that every Android and iOS smartphone user can follow. To keep your phone screen durable and uninterrupted as follows:

1. Use Screen Protector

We do not guarantee that your phone will be protected from scratches. Prolonged use of mobile phones may leave scratches. Especially in dust, sunlight and splashes. Wear a screen protector when purchasing a mobile phone. Most smartphones today have tempered glass built into the box.

No need to buy a screen protector to make it more economical. However, it doesn’t hurt to use a quality screen protector for extra protection. You can also keep your phone clean by reading how to clean phone case.

2. Use Fingers Instead of Nails

Vendors designed phone screens to respond to finger taps, not fingernails. Do not press too hard on the phone screen as sharp nails can damage the phone screen. Doing so may damage it. Avoiding using your fingers to press on the screen is another way how to fix ghost touch on iPhone.

3. Keep Your Phone Away Water

Some mobile phones are not water friendly. Therefore, you should always keep your phone away from water-filled areas and containers. In rainy weather, make sure your phone is also well protected to prevent water droplets from entering your phone. A wet smartphone screen is difficult to use and can be caused by water getting into your phone.

4. Be Careful Where You Put Your Phone

If you often put your mobile phone carelessly or put it in your trouser pocket, unfortunately, the friction and pressure from your trouser pocket will damage or break your mobile phone’s LCD screen. There is a possibility. Don’t leave your phone anywhere you like when you’re inside. The location may be near water, heat sources, or magnetic fields.

5. Wipe The Screen With Soft Cloth

Use a microfiber cloth or other soft material each time you wipe your phone screen. A rough cloth or tissue may scratch the touchscreen. On the other hand, for stubborn stains, apply a small amount of alcohol to a clean cloth.


Now that you know why is my iphone glitching or ghost tapping and how to fix ghost touch. If your iPhone screen glitches or moving on its own, you can try the above tips. It can be solved immediately without going through the service center.

However, in fairly serious situations, it is better to immediately go to the nearest service center. There are always ways to improve, but wouldn’t it be better to act ? Taking the right precautions will not only save you money, but will keep your phone running smoothly.

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