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How To Make My Phone Faster

How To Make My Phone Faster and Why Running Slow

Being late with your phone is definitely one of the emotional triggers. Also, there are many jobs that cannot be done without a mobile phone. Therefore, the strategies and how to make my phone faster must be accurate and precise otherwise the HP will not perform at its best.

And it doesn’t take long. Below are some tricks to deal with slow phone calls that you can do yourself at home. Before discussing this, Xabiamedia.com also has articles about accessories for smartphones that you can read. Well, here’s a summary of why the phone running slow. watch the following!

Why is My Phone So Slow

There are several reasons that make the phone quite heavy to use. This cause occurs due to internal and external factors of the phone. What are the main factors why is my phone slow and how to fix it. The following is a full review, including :

1. Internal Memory is Full

HP with full internal memory tend to run slower. This is because too much load will slow down your phone’s performance. So one way how to make my phone faster is to use the HP external memory. It can help you backup data such as external memory, photos, media, etc.

Like guest rooms in your home, external memory can store a few important materials and supplies without compromising the primary purpose of storage. You can also move your photo data from your HP to your laptop or other media to reduce your phone’s performance.

2. App and Storage Size Mismatch

Too many apps will also make phone running slow. We recommend setting an unused default app on your HP so it doesn’t overwhelm your performance. Disable unnecessary built-in apps. This is one way how to make your phone run faster. The fewer apps you use, the lighter your HP will be.

Many apps that are activated but not used accumulate and absorb internal memory. This make phone running slow, therefore it should be smart enough to identify the most important applications to place inside your HP. So as not to slow down your HP performance.

3. Low Battery Performance

In general, smartphones reach the end of their life after 2-3 years of use. The battery will heat up faster and its performance will decrease. This is because the charging process takes too long or the battery has to be completely discharged before it can be recharged.

The best way how to make my phone faster is to give it plenty of rest. Charge when the battery number shows 25%. Especially for mobile users used in online shop. Make sure your performance is good enough to give your customers the best possible service. yes!

4. RAM and Flash Storage Memory Corruption

Why is my phone slow ? The answer is RAM corruption. Prolonged use of theHP also reduces flash storage memory and RAM. If your phone has very little RAM, it is recommended not to use or open heavy applications. RAM and Flash Storage Memory degradation will greatly affect your mobile’s access speed.

We recommend choosing a HP with RAM that fits your needs. For online shop use, choose a large amount of RAM to accommodate the images and supporting applications. If you only use it for personal, non-work related purposes, you can use a HP with a small amount of RAM, so you don’t need a lot of storage space.

5. Incompatible Operating System

Paying attention to the operating system you need is one way how to make your phone faster. No need to download games you’ve never played. Maximize performance and optimize my phone based solely on capacity and needs. So you won’t experience any lagging phone on your gadget while using it.

How To Make My Phone Faster

Dealing with lagging phone can actually be done without the help of additional apps, and HP owners can overcome this with the tips below. Here are some tips for overcoming phone running slow :

1. Attention to Memory Capacity

Apple branded HP are among the toughest smartphones out there. However, if the amount of memory is not directly proportional to RAM, your HP will also lagging phone. The way how to make iPhone faster and easier is to keep an eye on how you use it. If you do this, the access speed will definitely be better.

If the data you have is already congested in storage, empty it quickly and move it to a larger container. This enlarges the capacity area, so the HP is less likely to slow down, the HP breathes better and is not phone running slow.

2. Use One Antivirus App

All smartphones come with default applications. This makes the phone slow when in use. Not infrequently, users use multiple antivirus apps to avoid this. Actually, this is a big mistake.

One way how to make my phone faster is to have only one antivirus app enabled. This is necessary to prevent various malware that can enter from the accessed device. There’s no need to download many antivirus apps if it just adds to the burden of accessing your favorite HP.

3. Always Update Your Software

Operating system software is constantly updated. Not just one or two apps, but pretty much all visits do the same. This is to make it easier for you to get up-to-date information about downloaded applications.

Online based gaming apps consume a lot of RAM and memory. No wonder when playing. HP are usually perishable. A way how to make your phone faster while playing games is to update the game app software.

You can check the next section.

  • Setting
  • About
  • System update
  • Then select Check for Updates.

This also applies to games downloaded to your HP. Checking for updates is one way how to make my phone faster. Because the update makes your phone more portable and system error free.

4. Remove Rarely Used Apps

Too many unnecessary apps can easily lag your phone and make your phone running slow. One of the ways and solutions how to make your phone run faster is to remove apps that are rarely used.

5. Clear Your Cache Regularly

Just like your home gets crowded, so does your cell phone. One of the tricks to saving your home from a lot of things is to move it to another, bigger location. This also applies to HP instead it gets rid of caches like temporary items that are never seen again.

Clear the cache regularly every few hours. This keeps my phone running slow due to a lot of things being hosted. This might be a way how to make my phone faster.

How ? You can enter the menu :

  • Setting
  • Apps
  • Click All
  • Then search for the app you want to clean,
  • Click Clear Cache.

In addition to the above how to make your phone faster, you can also clean it up by going to the menu (Settings – Storage – Cached data) and select OK when the popup appears . This is one way how to speed up my phone and optimize my phone.

6. Use Various Apps

A versatile application can be used to deal with a phone running slow and perform poorly. When antivirus helps detect malware, it differs from a multi-purpose app that helps identify the cause of your phone slowing down. Two simple faster apps to help you :

a. Apps2SD App

This app is a way how to make my phone faster. From this faster apps, you can do many things at once, such as maximizing SD card partition, backing up apps, and getting app links to your memory card.

b. Cleaning Master

This faster apps will help you overcome the phone running slow if it is not rooted. Clean Master helps you clean your HP more junk. This application can be clicked regularly and regularly. Not only that, but Clean Master can help you detect and drain heat from your HP, making it very useful as a multi-purpose app.

7. Leverage Auto-Kill

Of course, the more applications are opened, the more the HP accumulates the last information. Auto-kill is typically used to remove apps that have not been used for a long time. This may be one of the phone running slow. Also, the auto-kill feature helps stop slowing apps that cause slowdowns behind your phone’s screen.

8. Reduce Widgets in your Phone

Widget screen really makes the HP look more beautiful. However, widgets take up a lot of space and capacity on your HP. This makes the phone running slow than normal. One way how to make my phone faster and warmer thanks to widgets is to use less.

9. Turn off Animations on Android

Not only widgets, but also animations consume a lot of memory. So if you want to get the most out of your HP animation system, reduce or turn off animations. Motion animations also draw large areas to work.

It also drains your HP battery faster because it absorbs energy from apps that use animation. Aside from the performance hit, the actual use of animation in Android is not a big deal and make phone running slow, so reducing its use can make the system smoother.

10. Shut Down Unused Apps

Apps running behind the screen of your HP are one of the reasons your phone running slow. So stop unused apps while using your phone to improve its performance. This will prevent your HP from getting stuck or lagging.

Some apps are already included in the HP settings, i.e. the default HP. If this is an issue, disable non-essential apps. This is how to make my phone faster, because the applications I don’t really need improve my HP performance.

11. Clear Cache Partition Regularly

Both are related to garbage, but the data cache partition is the reason your phone runs slow. Besides clearing cache data, one way how to make your phone faster is to clear the cache partition as well. A cache partition is typically used to store all the processes running on the system.

Your HP can easily become slow as it accumulates a lot of cache in the background. Not infrequently, the HP heats up quickly when in use. Enter Recovery Mode and click Wipe Cache Partition to perform a cleanup. The position is adjusted according to each mobile HP type, yes!

12. Turn off Automatic Sync

Basically, to keep all your accounts connected, you need an automatic sync feature. However, this make your phone running slow. Turning it off is a simple step to stabilize HP access. This application can be re-enabled whenever needed.

This is how to make my phone faster, you can enter the application (Settings -> My Apps -> Turn off auto-sync). That way, you won’t receive notification updates about apps that require automatic syncing.

13. Use The Best Launcher Apps

Android is a type of smartphone that can be easily customized. If you are bored with default launcher, you can use launcher app outside mobile. There are many launcher options that you can use as one of your tricks and methods thow to make your phone run faster.

Besides giving you a new look, the launcher won’t strain your HP performance. External launchers don’t consume a lot of memory either, so enabling them automatically disables the default launcher, so it’s easier. Yes I can use this as a step to optimize my phone.

14. Use Paid Apps

There is no harm in using free apps as you don’t have to spend any money. The risk is distractions such as advertising promotions such as direct downloadable game apps. This is the reason why the phone running slow and causes lag when using it.

Being a free product, the solution and a way how to make my phone faster is to use paid apps. You have nothing to lose by purchasing and saving a few apps. Using Root Explorer, go to the Data folder. So if you change your HP and want to use the application, you can install it directly on your new HP.

15. Use Custom ROMs

Rooting a HP doesn’t necessarily make it faster. Custom ROMs can be used to remove the phone’s firmware. You can do some research first to determine the right ROM for your phone type. This is how to make your phone run faster.

16. Factory reset

A factory reset is the last way to restore the speed of your HP performance. Making sure your important data has been migrated and doing a factory reset may be the solution. A factory reset makes your HP lighter and one way how to make my phone faster.

Try to be more sensitive and careful with the HP you are using. This affects not only performance, but also the level of available space. If you use a lot of apps, don’t choose a HP with very little RAM. Conversely, if you are using large RAM, make sure that its contents and data do not exceed its data receiving capacity.

Here are some tips and how to make your phone faster. Re-inspection is required if the performance deteriorates significantly after one year of use. It balances the internal factors that govern capacity and the external factors related to your application to ensure your HP is performing at its best when in use.

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