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Why is My iPhone Battery Draining So Fast, How to Save It ?

Why is My iPhone Battery Draining So Fast, How to Save It ?

Why is my iPhone battery draining so fast ? Yes, this condition can occur for a number of reasons so you need to find out what is causing it. An iPhone battery drain fast affects the device’s performance. If you leave this state for a long time, you will feel discomfort when using your smartphone.

It can also prematurely damage your phone. There are many reasons why your iPhone battery drain fast. Now in this post, Xabiamedia will explain what drains iPhone battery and how to save battery iPhone. Before that, you might be interested to read this article on how to fix ghost touch on iPhone.

Why is My iPhone Battery Draining So Fast

When the iPhone battery drained, it really hinders the user’s activities. So we usually get around this in various ways, from taking the phone’s battery to a service center to replacing it with a new battery. However, before rushing to fix the problem, it is better to know what drains iphone battery to find the right solution.

Here are the most common reasons why your iPhone battery drain fast :

1. Non-optimal Display Settings

One of the most common reasons for iPhone battery drain fast, is non-optimized display settings. The display is a component that requires battery power for activation. The brighter the smartphone screen, the more battery it consumes.

To check your battery usage, you can check it in your settings. Here are the methods:

  • Go to settings
  • Battery
  • Click on the three dots in the upper right corner
  • Choose a battery usage option
  • Tap View full device usage

In this way, you can find out what is causing your iPhone battery drain fast. One of the reasons why is my iPhone battery draining so fast, is your display settings aren’t optimized. Therefore, we recommend that you immediately lower the brightness level of your phone’s screen.

2. The App Running in The Background

The next reasons why your iPhone battery drain fast, is apps and services that are constantly running in the background. Some communication and social media applications such as Facebook, Messenger, Instagram can consume significant power even when not actively used. Battery life iphone 7 and 8 does not exceed 10 hours of normal use.

This is because some of these apps continue to run in the background even when not in use. To avoid this, turn off as many background widgets and apps as you are not using. Turning off widgets and apps helps your iPhone’s battery last longer and last longer.

3. Using GPS and WiFi

A strong internet connection is required to use location services applications such as GPS, WiFi, and Bluetooth. This also increases the battery power required by the phone. If you use this feature frequently, don’t ask why your iPhone battery drain fast.

In addition to drain iphone battery, continued use of GPS, WiFi, and Bluetooth can easily overheat your phone. Worse, if the connection you are connecting to is not secure, it can damage your device. We recommend turning these three features off for save battery iPhone.

4. Weak Signal

The next reason why is my iPhone battery draining so fast, is poor phone signal conditions. Have you ever noticed that your iPhone battery drain fast when in a weak signal area? Yes, a weak internet connection and signal will drain your iPhone’s battery. This is because it requires more power to keep the phone running.

This eventually reduces battery usage. If you live or live in an area with poor signal, we recommend choosing the best carrier to save battery iPhone. You can also enable airplane mode and even use a signal booster if needed.

5. Software Not Updated

If you want to save battery iphone, always update the apps and software you use regularly. It turns out that one of the reasons your iPhone battery drain fast, is that your software isn’t updated. This is because the operating system or processor is still using an older system, so some of the latest application bugs are unrecognized.

Software updates are often accompanied by long battery life, as unwanted bugs are automatically removed by the operating system. Here’s how tosave battery iphone, make it last longer, and optimize performance.

6. Apps Consume a Lot of Battery

Whether you realize it or not the more apps you install on your iPhone, will be the reason iphone battery drain fast. What is undeniable is that nowadays there are many options of applications that can be installed on smartphone devices. From communication applications to social media to educational applications, each application has different functions.

Some types of apps consume make drain iphone battery to perform their functions. And iPhone battery drain fast, to find out which apps are consuming too much battery, check them in the Settings menu and select the Battery option. Restrict use immediately or remove if necessary.

7. Damaged Phonesl Charger

Have you ever wondered Why is my iPhone battery draining so fast ? Maybe the answer is that your phone charger is damaged. This state is marked as battery charge, but actually decreases rather than increases. Currently this is due to damaged or old chargers.

A damaged charger not only slows down the charging process of the battery, but can also degrade battery quality. Therefore, if your charger is damaged, immediately replace it with a new one. Also, use the original charger for added security and to prevent your iPhone battery drain fast.

8. Long Screen Timeout

The screen is a component that uses a good amount of battery power. It’s not just the brightness, but your iphone battery drain fast if your screen stays on for long periods of time. If the screen timeout is too long, it will drain your battery even more. Therefore, set the time as efficiently as possible and do not leave the screen on for too long.

9. Extreme HP Gloss

Having your phone’s brightness at maximum is also one of the reasons Why is my iPhone battery draining so fast. Additionally, this condition can affect eye health. So set your screen brightness level high enough to protect the health of your eyes and the quality and battery life iPhone.

10. Too Many Widgets

Using various widgets can make the phone look more attractive and apps more accessible to users. What you need to know is that it turns out that this is what causes the iPhone battery drain fast. That means it’s a possibility. It is recommended to avoid using too many widgets on your phone to reduce battery use and save battery iPhone.

How to Save Battery iPhone

Not only is it annoying, iPhone battery drain fast also interfere with your activities. So find a way to solve it right away. There are many things you can do to deal with the iOS 14 battery drain. From lowering brightness levels to limiting the use of apps that drain the battery fast.

Here are some things you can do to save battery iPhone :

1. Disable The Push Notification Function

Did you know that social media push notifications on your screen turned out to be the reason, Why is my iPhone battery draining so fast. Yes, the push notification feature works by automatically creating messages from the server to your phone. A persistent internet connection is required to enable this feature.

The stronger the Internet network you use, the more battery power you need. This will iPhone battery drain fast. Disable the push notification feature now to save battery iphone. Extend your iPhone’s battery life and make it last longer.

2. Decrease Screen Brightness

One of the reasons your iPhone battery drains so quickly is that your screen brightness setting is not optimal. If your iPhone screen is too bright, it will drain your iPhone battery because it needs more power. To save battery on your iPhone, we recommend lowering the brightness of your screen or using a dark wallpaper.

3. Do Not Open The Camera Too Often

Phones that are usually used for photography are usually low on battery. You should know that frequently opening the Camera app for photos, videos or conversations make iphone battery drain fast. Because it requires a lot of battery power. If you want to save battery iPhone, don’t open the camera app too often.

4. Enable Power Saving Mode

Some modern smartphones come with power saving features. This feature helps to replace the CPU to manage battery usage more efficiently, especially when battery power is low. The trick is to optimize the functionality of your operating system by closing some unnecessary applications.

5. Check Battery Health Regularly

Why is my iPhone battery draining so fast ? The answer may be is due to a worn or damaged battery. In this case, the battery will not work ideally and the battery will run out quickly. To avoid such problems, we recommend that you regularly check your iPhone’s battery health.

A damaged battery case can cause your iPhone battery drain fast. This applies to all electronic devices that use batteries. It also causes laptop battery drains fast, Because it’s old like the battery in your iPhone.

To fix this problem, we recommend that you replace your iPhone’s battery with a new one as soon as possible. This is because your iPhone battery drain fast, it’s also dangerous to your phone. Also, for more safety, please replace using the original battery.

6. Activate Airplane Mode

Poor signal reception is another reason why is my iPhone battery draining so fast. This is because the device has to do more work to connect to the network before it can continue to be used. It is recommended to turn on airplane mode to save battery iPhone. This method is also very powerful to get a better signal when the connection is re-established.

7. Limit Location Services Features

Location services features such as GPS, WiFi, and Bluetooth require a strong internet connection to work properly. But it also uses more battery power, so don’t be surprised if your iPhone battery drain fast

To save battery iPhone, limit the use of these three location service features. If not in use, this feature should be turned off and on to prolong the battery life iPhone 8. Prolonged use of location services will drain your iPhone’s battery.

8. Clear Cache

It turns out that the hassle of cleaning your phone from junk files is one of the reasons why your iPhone’s battery draining so fast. Too many junk files and cached data force your phone to work harder which means it will need more battery power. This will drain iphone battery and make it drain faster.

To fix such problems, you should clear the cache regularly. You can use a junk cleaner application like Clean Master to get rid of junk files and caches that hinder the performance of your HP. In addition to making your battery last longer, clearing your cache optimizes performance.


A cell phone that runs out of battery quickly is definitely inconvenient. This not only means you have to go back and forth to recharge the battery, it also leads to poor performance. Therefore, you should know what drains iPhone battery and how to save battery iPhone. Therefore, it will be more comfortable to use.

Here’s why is my iPhone battery draining so fast, and how can I extend my battery life iphone 7. If the battery is already damaged, immediately replace it with the original battery. Finally, maybe you can read this article to add your insight, How to make my phone faster and why running slow.

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