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How To Make iPhone Faster in 9 Steps, Check This Out !!

How To Make iPhone Faster in 9 Steps, Check This Out !!

iOS and other mobile phones have the same weaknesses, performance drops after long-term use. If your iPhone is slowing down because you are using a third app that is not recommended by Apple, you need to know how to make iPhone faster.

Also, the iPhone running slow after update can be caused by the iOS itself. Where iOS has bugs. and isn’t perfect for every iPad, or iPod Touch user. The weaknesses of smarphone and other mobile phones are pretty much the same: performance degrades over time.

Why is My iPhone Slow

In fact, using your HP beyond its capabilities, such as jailbreaking your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, will slow down your phone performance. Users sometimes complain that their iPhone running slow and freezing. Maybe you should open this article save battery iPhone.

Here are the reasons why my iPhone is slow or iPhone laggy :

1. Overuse of Apps

The first reason why your iPhone running slow, is you are using too many apps on your phone. For example, if you have a lot of apps installed but not used, those apps often occupy RAM to run in the background.

Or you are using many applications at the same time and you are opening many applications at the same time, This slows down your phone or make iPhone laggy. A way how to make iPhone faster is reduce the number of open applications. If your iPhone running slow, close any unused apps.

2. Application Error

We have few apps, but faulty apps cause lag, crash and shutdown. This is why your iPhone running slow and freezing. So, you need to make sure that your app on phone is running smoothly. iOS is relatively stable, but that’s mostly because of app developers who quickly provide updates in case of bugs.

3. iOS Bugs

The reason why my iPhone is slow and lagging is due to errors in the operating system. However, Apple usually provides firmware updates right away in case there is a problem with the operating system. The next step after learning about the above problems is to fix the lagging HP issue. See our full review below.

How To Make iPhone Faster

As time goes by, your used phone is no longer new. In other words, what is stored and operated on the phone is getting heavier. Don’t be surprised if your iPhone running slow and freezing in a very different way than when you first use it.

Yes, the number of apps and games installed on your phone, including photos, music, and other files, also affects the overall performance of your HP. And you can buy the most popular accessories for smartphones At cell phone accessories store near me. Here’s how to make your iPhone faster :

1. Close Unused Apps

How to speed up iPhone the easiest way to deal with a slow iPhone is to close apps you don’t have access to. For example, when you’re done accessing the Gmail app, close it immediately if you’re no longer using it. Do not keep the application open in the background. This will speed up your HP performance and save your iPhone’s battery usage.

2. Clear Safari

Using Safari to browse is the right choice. But if you surf for a long time, of course, you will have problems. That’s why you should clear Safari’s cache and browsing history.

This way, the load is removed, Safari remains empty again and your HP runs more smoothly. One way how to make iPhone faster is to clean your Safari browser. Here are the steps :

  • Open the Settings app
  • Scroll down and tap Safari
  • Tap Clear History and Website Data

3. Turn off Automatic Downloads

Installed apps and games are usually updated regularly from their developers. In this case, the update will be installed automatically even if your HP screen is not active. Therefore, you should set it so that updates and downloads do not happen automatically.

This way you can optimize your HP performance for more important purposes. Apps and iOS updates can be made later when the HP is not used for emergency purposes. This is the third way how to make iPhone faster recommended by xabiamedia.

4. Reduce movement

It helps to beautify the appearance of your smartpone screen, but please do not enable this feature to overcome iPhone running slow. Motion is basically a feature that makes app switching look great without animation.

But, of course, animations require their own battery power and can also make iPhone running slow and freezing. Unless you’re thinking too much about nice transitions between animated apps, you should disable motion reduction. Here are the steps:

  • Open the Settings app
  • Tap Accessibility
  • Tap Motion
  • Move the Reduce Motion toggle slider to the right to enable it

5. Use Memory Boost App

One way how to make iPhone faster is to use a memory booster app from the App Store. Basically, a memory boosting app cleans your HP RAM while normalizing your smartphone speed. Memory booster app has proven to be effective in clearing memory from unused junk data originating from various apps installed on used HP.

6. Free Up iPhone Storage

Why is my iPhone slow because its storage is full. To maintain good performance, you need to make sure your HP has enough storage space. To check your HP storage:

  • Go to settings
  • Click General
  • Device Memory

You can now check your HP storage usage. You have run out of space on your iPhone or you want to free up more space. One step how to make iPhone faster is choose one of two actions :

  • Reset App : This action frees up the storage space used by the app, but does not delete the app’s documents and data.
  • Delete App : Deletes the app and its data.

7. Reduce Motion on iPhone

Animated visual effects on iOS are great, but they also waste your system. If your iPhone running slow and freezing, we recommend turning off this parallax effect. Here are the steps:

  • Go to settings
  • Choose accessibility

Then go to Motion and turn on Reduce Motion. This is a way how to make iPhone faster. That’s why my iPhone is running slow. Follow the steps above to make your HP run faster and lighter.

8. Update iOS

Updating your iOS to the latest version can usually fix many problems your HP may encounter. However, some users reported that their iPhone running slow after update. Your HP may not be compatible with iOS or the update process may have failed.

Here xabiamedia recommends updating iOS as a way how to speed up iphone. You can check for updates by :

  • Open settings
  • Click General
  • Software updates

9. Factory Reset

If you have tried to fix the problem and your HP is still not speeding up, try a factory reset. Note that this will wipe all data and set up your HP like new. This is the last recommended method how to make iPhone faster.

But before you do that, it’s important that you back up your HP first. Here are the steps:

  • Go to general settings
  • Reset
  • Erase all content and settings
  • You will need to enter your Apple ID and password to confirm the action.

Your phone will be wiped and you will be returned to the setup screen that appeared when you first used the device. Then you can restore your HP from backup. To improve the performance of your HP, you can use this factory reset, as one of the ways how to speed up iPhone.


There are many reasons why your phone is running slow, but doing the above iPhone acceleration methods will usually get your HP back to normal. Cleaning your HP memory regularly can also help fix slow HP problems. In this case, rebooting will remove unnecessary files so your HP will be back to a newer state.

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