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How to Stop Phone From Overheating, Do This Steps !!

How to Stop Phone From Overheating, Do This Steps !!

Phone overheating can lead to sub-optimal device performance. You should know what causes your phone is hot and how to stop phone from overheating. Even if you leave your mobile phone for a long time, don’t get in your way. This not only hinders the phone’s performance, but also prematurely damages the device.

Phone overheating is one of the common problems that smartphone users experience. This can be caused by many factors, one of which is poor cell phone features. So if you work hard, your phone will easily get hot. And you can also read make iPhone faster, to add to your insight.

Why is My Phone Overheating

If your phone is operating above its capacity, you may encounter problems such as your phone heating up quickly. A phone that heats up fast can be damaged more quickly as well as being uncomfortable for the user. To prevent further damage, you need to know your phone temperature and how to stop your phone from overheating.

Before we discuss how to stop phone from overheating, find out below some of the reasons why is my phone getting hot :

1. Phone Settings are Not Optimal

One of the most common reasons why phone overheating is non-optimal phone settings. If you have a smartphone that gets hot easily, check if your phone settings are ideal. It could be the device settings itself that is causing the phone to heat up fast.

An example of a phone setting that heats up really fast is if the screen brightness level is too bright. Not only that, widgets and live wallpapers that consume too much battery can also cause your phone is overheating. This drains the battery faster.

2. Play Games For a Long Time

Phones used for gaming heat up quickly, in addition to battery heating and draining the battery. This is quite natural, as the phone’s GPU performance works harder when playing games, especially intense games like Mobile Legend. This is what causes the phone overheating.

Please keep more control of your game schedule to avoid serious phone problems caused by playing games for a long time. Ideally, letting the phone rest for a while after playing for an hour or two is enough to allow the GPU to return to normal. You can let your phone cool down or use a dedicated gaming phone to make your gaming activities more comfortable.

3. Overuse of Streaming Apps

The habit of watching videos and movies on your phone can cause your phone overheating. The phone heats up very quickly, especially during marathons and long cruises. Streaming apps require a high-speed internet connection. This causes more power to be drawn from the phone.

This is what causes the phone to overheat. Not only that, watching streaming apps for too long will drain your battery faster and your phone’s LCD screen will heat up quickly. The way how to stop phone from overheating is stop excessive streaming habits, so that the phone does not get damaged quickly.

4. The App Has Bugs

Using buggy apps and software can cause various problems on your phone, including the phone overheating. This occurs because the processor is not working optimally. We recommend that you update your apps regularly to reduce the risk of your phone heating up fast.

Because this method can reduce the number of errors found on the phone. In addition to app updates, operating system updates can also minimize phone problems caused by these errors. With the update, there are many bugs that will be fixed to allow the phone processor to work optimally again.

5. Environmental Factors

Whether you realize it or not, environmental factors can also cause why does my phone overheat and drain your battery. If the weather is warm and you are outside, the phone will warm up faster. To avoid this, keep your phone out of direct sunlight as much as possible.

Not only does the phone overheating, the sun’s rays can also damage the phone’s LCD screen. Prolonged exposure to the sun can cause the touchscreen to malfunction, heat up the phone and battery, and drain the battery faster.

6. Too Many Apps Open

Running multiple apps at the same time can also cause the phone to overheat. The more apps you open at the same time, the faster your phone will heat up. Not only that, too many open apps will also drain your phone’s battery faster.

The way how to stop phone from overheating is to not open too many apps at once. Close the applications you are not using to avoid affecting the performance of other applications. If you don’t want to close apps one by one, take advantage of your phone’s recent apps cleaning feature.

7. Poor Phone Battery Quality

Poor battery quality on your phone can also be one of the reasons why your phone is overheating. Also, the battery and phone heat up quickly because the old battery life degrades the quality. If you keep pushing this situation, the phone will be damaged in a short time.

If the battery seems old enough, it is recommended to remove it and replace it with a new one. This not only makes your battery capacity last longer, but also reduces the risk of your phone overheating. Unfortunately, many mobile phones now use internal batteries, so if the battery is damaged it is not possible to replace it.

8. Difficult Signal

A weak internet connection or signal can also cause the phone is overheating. This gets worse if you’re playing games that require a strong signal. Choose to use a WiFi network to minimize this situation. Wi-Fi not only provides a stable internet connection but also reduces the load on your phone. So even if the signal is difficult, the phone will not work very well.

Having a cell phone that breaks down can be frustrating. It can also damage phone components if left in this state for too long. So, you need to know why is my phone overheating, so you can fix it so that its performance is optimized again.

How to Stop Phone From Overheating

To overcome a phone that heats up quickly, you first need to find out what causes the phone to heat up quickly in parts such as the battery and LCD. Knowing the cause will help you find a solution, and maybe you should read this article save battery iPhone. Here are some ways how to stop your phone from overheating :

1. Check WiFi Settings and Usage

One of the reasons why is my phone overheating while charging is due to poor settings and WiFi usage. Continuous use of WiFi can cause the phone to heat up fast. This is because background apps also run automatically when WiFi is active, making the phone harder to operate.

One way how to stop phone from overheating is to set it up to use WiFi. You can use Smart Wifi or Wifi Sleeper app. This way you can control when the WiFi turns on and when it turns off when not in use. This app can be a way how to stop your phone from overheating caused by WiFi usage.

2. Use The Original Charger

When cell phone chargers are damaged, many people buy fake chargers as they are cheaper than original chargers. But who would have thought that this could cause the phone overheating. Not only that, using a fake charger will cause the phone to heat up more and damage the battery faster. There is a possibility.

Always use the original charger to avoid the problem of damaging your phone quickly. Its price is slightly higher, but the quality of the original charger is safer for your phone. Also use Ampere app or battery saver apps to check if your charger is genuine.

3. Open Fewer Apps at Once

Apps that are open at the same time can also cause the phone is overheating. If left unchecked, it can damage your phone faster and drain your battery faster. The best way how to stop phone from overheating is to close the apps you are not using. This method not only prevents the phone from working too much, but also power saving mode.

4. Turn Off Bluetooth and GPS

Two features, Bluetooth and GPS, require internet connection and strong power to activate. Keeping these two apps active for too long can make phone overheating. Use power saving mode to keep your phone cool and make sure to turn off Bluetooth and GPS when not in use.

5. Check Your Phone’s Battery Health

Maybe you asked why is my phone overheating ? is caused by a bad battery. To fix this problem, if the battery is worn or damaged, replace it with a new battery immediately. You can use the Battery Monitor app to check if the battery is still in good condition.

6. Put The Phone to Rest

Those who love watching videos and playing games on their mobile phones are here. Note that this habit may be one of the reasons why your phone is overheating. Streaming and gaming requires a strong internet connection which drains your phone’s power. This makes the phone heat up faster and the battery drains faster.

The best way how to stop phone from overheating while playing games is to give it a rest. Ideally, your phone should only be used for 1-2 hours of gaming or streaming. Then let the phone rest for a while until the phone’s GPU returns to normal. So the phone will cool down and not get hot.

7. Pay Attention to Ventilation

Cell phones are one of the most important items that we always carry with us wherever we go. Many people carry their cell phone in their purse, shirt or trouser pocket when traveling. But watch out. Improper phone storage can also cause your phone overheating.

The way how to stop your phone from overheating is to store it in a well-ventilated and ventilated place. If you have to store it indoors, you will need to remove it occasionally to keep the phone’s temperature stable. Doing so will prevent the phone from overheating and keep its performance at its best.

8. Do Not Expose The Phone to Water

Water is the enemy of electronic devices such as cell phones. There are many options for waterproof phones these days, but don’t expose your phone to water. Because the phone does not get very hot when exposed to water.

However, it can also cause more serious damage. It is very important to pay attention to this situation especially when using the internal battery. Because with the built-in battery it is more difficult how to deal with the phone overheating.

9. Remove Junk Files

A lazy habit of cleaning your phone’s junk files can also cause your phone overheating. Various junk files like cached data and accumulated cookies can consume your phone’s CPU and RAM. It will not work optimally. In this case, the battery heating and very hot.

The way how to stop phone from overheating due to this issue is to regularly delete junk files. You can use a junk cleaner app like Clean Master. This app not only lowers the phone’s temperature but also optimizes the phone’s performance.

10. Use a Phone Cooler App

One way how to stop your phone from overheating while charging or in any other situation is to use a phone cooler app. Today, there are many application options that you can use to cool your phone, such as Cooler Master, Cooling Master, Device Cooler.

Phone cooler app is one of the easy ways cool down the phone. An overheating phone is not only uncomfortable to use but can also cause problems and damage to your phone. So, prevent your phone from heating up too fast by using phone cooler app.

Here are some of the things that cause your phone is overheating and how to stop phone from overheating. To avoid damaging your phone, do what xabiamedia.com recommends above. Of course, the danger of your phone overheating cannot be underestimated. Besides being dangerous for your device, if your phone gets too hot, it can explode if stored in an unsafe place.

So make sure you know how to stop my phone from overheating. You can find a solution to this later. You can also protect your phone by purchasing an insurance product. There are many smartphone insurance product options available today that will cover cell phone damage.

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