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How To Fix Bootloop iPhone Stuck On Apple Logo

How To Fix Bootloop iPhone Stuck On Apple Logo

Smartphone users should be familiar with the term boot loop. This is because one of the most common problems with iOS and Android is boot loops. A boot loop is commonly known as a repetitive boot process. So how to fix bootloop iPhone stuck on apple logo ?

The issue iPhone stuck at apple logo, is indicated by the device repeating the reboot process. By displaying the logo of iPhone before the device successfully logs into the system. Or show only devices with repeated iPhone logos. And you can also read the article about make your iPhone faster in 9 steps by xabiamedia.

Some iOS users have complained that their iPhone 6s stuck on apple logo and not showing the appearance of the device’s main system. So what exactly is this deeper understanding of the boot loop ? and how to fix bootloop iPhone stuck on apple logo. Here xabiamedia.com explains it in detail and completely.

What Is Boot Loop

As mentioned earlier, boot loops are a common software issue. It is usually indicated by signs of being unable to enter the system. The oddity is that the device only repeatedly shows the logo of iPhone stuck in a boot loop.

What do i do if my iPhone is stuck while updating ? If your iPhone boots up frequently, don’t panic or cry. Plus, you’ll run to a service center and pay thousands of dollars to get the boot loop practically on your own.

For reference, iPhone stuck at apple logo are divided into two types. And the methods how to fix bootloop iPhone are divided according to the damage level as follows :

1. The first is the light boot loop : This mild boot loop is usually temporary.

2. A second hard boot loop or severe boot loop is characterized by a persistent inability to enter the system after repeated attempts.

What is The Cause Of Bootloop

There are six reasons for iPhone boot loop that you should know. As mentioned earlier, a boot is a situation where the phone cannot enter the system and stalls. Bootloop comes from English boot and loop. Wake-up means the phone is ready to be fully powered on.

On the other hand, the word loop means to repeat. There are actually many factors that can cause an iPhone boot loop, but it is mainly due to improper use and maintenance. The phone will actually go through a normal boot loop but if it continues it can actually damage your phone.

On mobile phones with both Android and iOS operating systems, the probability of a boot is very high. Actually, how can I fix iPhone boot loop without going to a service center. You can do this repair yourself. So this bootloop is not fatal damage.

Below are some reasons why your iPhone won’t turn on stuck on apple logo, ranging from mild to serious. And how to fix bootloop iPhone is distinguished by the level of damage, Check out the reviews for information below :

1. Flash Custom ROM

For reference, custom ROMs are operating system based firmware that has been modified and modified by developers to provide significantly better performance than factory default ROMs. Downloading a custom ROM on your phone has several advantages. You can realize these advantages with its advanced features.

But you should know that one of the reasons why iPhone stuck at apple logo is usually due to flashing a new custom ROM. This is usually caused by a dalvik cache or undeleted old data and a corrupt custom ROM package can also cause iPhone 7 stuck on apple logo.

2. Mod Installation

MOD app is a modified and later modified app. However, the appearance is the same as the original app. However, using mod apps can damage your phone. Especially for those who love to shop online and apply for bank accounts.

Because many mod apps add the ability to spy on user activities which can leak user privacy and become known to irresponsible people. It turned out that the download of the mod application caused the iPhone 8 stuck at apple logo.

How to fix bootloop iPhone as the problem in this mod app is very simple. The mod app installed must be compatible or match the terms of the ROM the phone is using. Therefore, you should be careful and make sure that your phone’s features are suitable for installing new mods or applications.

3. Restore System Backup

One of the possible reasons why your iPhone stuck on apple logo is due to backup system recovery. This is usually caused by an old dalvik cache that has not been completely removed, causing system processes to collect new system data.

4. Wrong Permission Settings

The next what is the cause of Bootloop, is an error in setting permissions. If you are an iPhone user, you should be aware that this happens because the iPhone’s operating system relies heavily on the correct system permissions. Also, if system file permissions are set incorrectly.

Secondly, this may be the reason why your iPhone stuck at apple logo. So it’s always a good idea to check that system file permissions are good and correct to avoid boot loops and real harm to the user.

5. Overclocking

In addition to the above, there can be other reasons for boot loops when you want faster iPhone performance. Overclocking usually increases processor capacity. It is undeniable that the speed of an operating system is affected by its processor capacity.

In general, you can do this to speed up performance, but don’t use too much brute force. In a way if you want to overclock from 1GHz to 2GHz. Then half or even a quarter can be done more safely. Also, don’t push your phone too hard. How to fix bootloop iPhone as this overclocking issue is not difficult.

Just set it according to your phone’s capacity. Because the phone goes through various tests and studies to make sure it works optimally and leaves a lasting impression on your phone. And maybe you can read the article to stop Phone from overheating.

6. Change The Script Folder

Of course, gamers are familiar with changing the contents of scripts in system folders. In fact, this is generally considered unimportant and doesn’t have much of an impact on the operating system. In fact, changing the script content in an existing application whose purpose is to quickly enjoy the desired game.

Can cause iPhone stuck at apple logo. So you shouldn’t do some things above that can cause boot loop. And in the worst case, you will have to abandon various memories, such as photos that will be deleted automatically.

How To Fix Bootloop iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo

iPhone won’t turn on stuck on apple logo is a particularly challenging problem especially when dealing with your phone. When a boot loop occurs, the device keeps spinning on the boot screen and I cannot enter the system. The way to deal with iPhone bootloop is actually quite simple.

The data on the iOS device is usually deleted when the boot problem is over. Keep in mind that the iPhone stuck with apple logo thing may not come out of nowhere, there must be a reason why you started. A boot loop usually occurs when there is a problem with the operating system.

Here are the easiest steps my iPhone is stuck on the apple logo :

1. Restart Your iPhone

Once you know the what is the cause of Bootloop, it’s a good idea to figure out how to fix bootloop iPhone stuck on apple logo. The first step you can take to combat boot loops is to perform a simple soft reset. Turn off your iPhone and remove the battery.

For certain HP models, if the battery cannot be removed, leave the device off for at least 5 minutes. Restart your device and see if the boot issue has been resolved. A simple soft reset may be required to remove the error from the boot process.

2. Wipe Cache Partition

The next way to fix iPhone stuck on Apple logo is to wipe data or factory reset. This factory reset will delete all data on your phone. From apps, photos, videos, music to files and more.

This method is also called restoring to original settings or factory settings. To wipe data or factory reset, you must first go to the recovery menu and wipe the cache. Factory reset will return your phone to the state it was in when you first bought it.

a. Here’s how to enter recovery mode :

iPhone : Home + Volume Up + Power
Samsung: Home + Power button or Home + Volume Up + Power
Huawei: power button + volume up
Asus: Press and hold power + volume up, volume up until logo appears and release power button.
HTC: Power + Volume Down + Power

b. Recovery mode’s own features include:

  • Operating System Fixes : If iPhone stuck on Apple logo or cannot restart, it gets stuck and only reaches Apple logo (boot loop). This can be caused by various factors such as application errors. It can also be caused by downloading an app that is not compatible with your phone (most likely after downloading a font changer).
  • Fix ghost touch on iPhone : iPhone is turned on and not responding to user input (for example, when iPhone screen is not touched or current phone menu cannot be entered).
  • Password Reset : If you forget your PIN, password or draw too many lock patterns on your Android phone and cannot enter the menu.
  • Other Android software crashes.

3. Factory Reset

While this procedure is seemingly successful, it is very disappointing that you lose various files like photos on your phone. Because factory resetting your phone will completely erase your data and return it to its original factory settings. Factory reset is one way how to fix bootloop iPhone already badly damaged.

4. Flash ROM

You can try this procedure if your iPhone stuck on Apple logo after installing a new custom ROM or performing a restore backup. This method will automatically clear the old dalvik cache and allow the system to replace it with a new one.

What do i do if my iphone is stuck while updating ?

First, you can completely turn off your iPhone by removing the battery and letting it sit for a few minutes. Then, if the battery is embedded and cannot be removed, press the power button for a few minutes until the device shuts down completely.

Then you can reboot your device and enter recovery (CWM, TWRP, etc.). The input method for each device is also different, some people press the volume down button and some press the home button. Please use according to your device.

You can use the volume, home and power buttons to navigate or navigate this recovery. But again, functionality varies from device to device. Then, after entering recovery, follow these steps :

  • Select the detailed menu
  • Select wipe dalvik cache
  • Then open the Mounts and Storage menu
  • Select the Wipe / Cache option
  • Restart

Xabiamedia.com recommends you how to fix bootloop iPhone in several ways above. If your iphone won’t turn on stuck on apple logo, and you haven’t fixed the problem. We recommend that you bring your device to a service centre. It is possible that the iPhone issue is stuck on Apple logo so it is caused by hardware damage rather than a system error.

However, if there is any damage to the hardware of your iPhone, it will cost you dearly. That’s why it’s important that your phone is pre-insured. This makes it easy when your iPhone x stuck on apple logo, so you won’t have any problems with the cost when you comes to service center.

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