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How To Get Water Out Your Phone

How To Get Water Out Your Phone, Follow This Ways

All electronic products such as mobile phones cannot be separated from the problem, like phone dropped in water or get stuck in water. Dropped iPhone in water can actually cause panic, because water can damage cell phone components. If this happens to you, don’t worry. There are several how to get water out your phone.

We recommend that you repair it yourself before taking it to a service center. Below, Xabiamedia.com has put together several complete guides. How to get water out of phone from both mobile phones with built-in batteries and remove water on a speaker. And maybe you can read our article make my phone faster.

How To Get Water Out Your Phone

At present, many vendors have started to produce smartphones with IP68 standard or waterproof function, but still your HP cannot survive if water enters the internal components. In general, the ownership of electronic products such as mobile phones Water is definitely the main enemy of people.

You may accidentally water drop phone or your phone dropped in water. If not handled properly, a phone dropped in water can be seriously damaged especially those with built-in batteries. HP can run the risk of a white screen, damage or errors, and even total death.

Well, to deal with the HP falling into water or dripping water, you can try how to get water out of your phone as follows :

1. Take The Phone Out

Water can enter HP components through narrow openings such as the headphone jack hole or charger. Of course, if your phone dropped in water or if water drop phone, the first thing you should do is get it out of the water as soon as possible.

This is to avoid the possibility of more water getting into the HP. If water is spilled on your phone, immediately remove it from the water source. Also, if you are exposed to water while charging, you should disconnect the charger before picking up the phone to avoid the risk of electric shock.

2. Don’t Open Your Phone

How to get water out your phone is also not turning it on right away. Most panicked people immediately turn on their HP to see if they’re still working properly and if there’s been any serious water damage. Actually, when the phone dropped in water.

Most likely there is water in some part of the HP. So, if you turn it on right away, it will leave your phone vulnerable to a short circuit that could cause further damage. Avoid this risk if your phone is on.

3. Remove Battery, SIM Card and Memory Card

The next step how to get water out of phonee, is to immediately remove the removable components. If your phone does not have a built-in battery, you can quickly remove the battery, SIM card and memory card installed in your phone. This is to prevent further damage to these areas.

Don’t forget to remove the attached phone cover and case. This provides an outlet for the water and facilitates the drying process. Components exposed to water should be removed. Secondly, the phone may hang or go into a boot loop. Read this article to fix iPhone stuck on Apple logo.

4. Dry the Whole Cell Phone

The next way how to get water out of phone is to dry all the exterior and interior of your phone. The liquid crystal ( LCD ) and speaker must be dried first. This is because it is most susceptible to damage when wet. LCDs contain soft filaments and are generally moisture resistant.

Also, if you leave it wet for a long time, black dots or dots may appear on the LCD screen of your mobile phone. Damages acoustic components when the speaker is in water. So, what to do if water enters your phone speaker ?  You can use a dry cloth that absorbs water easily or use an air suction such as a vacuum cleaner.

However, do not bring the funnel too close. Static electricity can be generated, which is definitely more dangerous than water. Also, drying under direct sunlight is not recommended as the temperature will be high and drying face up will damage the LCD and speakers.

5. Burry Your Phone In Rice

The next step, how to get water out your phone is put it in dry rice. This unique method is highly effective due to the moisture detected of rice. This makes it quicker and easier to absorb moisture from inside the phone.

Here’s how to get water out of your phone with rice at home :

  • Take a plastic bag or zip lock bag and fill a medium bowl with clean, dry rice
  • Put mobile phone parts like battery, SIM card, memory and body parts in the bag
  • Tie or tighten
  • Please leave it for at least 2-3 days and then check if the phone can be turned on.

6. Use Silica Gel

This is how to get water out of your phone without rice. You can also use silica gel as both are hygroscopic. In electronics, it is believed that silica gel can also prevent condensation and condensation. It’s pretty much the same as drying using rice.

You can getting water out of phone by burying the loose part of your phone in a pile of silica gel. Let it sit for a few days to make sure all moisture is absorbed and completely dry. This method is very powerful and can be easily done from home.

7. Use Clean Cat Litter

This is also how to get water out of your phone without rice. If you have a cat at home, you can also use clean cat litter to clean the water from your phone. Prepare a large bowl of cat litter (make sure it’s still clean).

Then put it in a basin or a plastic bag and bury all the parts of the removed mobile phone and leave it for a few days. This is also how to get water out your phone, which you can do from home using simple and easy tools.

How To Get Water Out Of Charging Port

Most smartphones manufactured these days use a built-in battery or, as the term says, non-removable. This type uses a flexible cable to embed the battery into the motherboard, so it cannot be easily removed and removed like older phones.

This type of design was made to truly minimize the amount of water that accidentally gets into your phone, but even then, not all phones of this type are waterproof. There are several ways, how to get water out of charging port :

1. Turn Off Your Mobile Phone Immediately

To getting water out of phone, turn off the phone immediately after phone dropped in water. If your phone is turned off, do not turn it on when wet. It may cause a short circuit or short circuit and damage internal components. This can also cause more serious damage such as rendering the phone completely inoperable.

Especially when a mobile phone is exposed to salt water such as sea water, it accelerates the damage as it is actually corrosive. Corrosion is damage to metal by a reaction that causes rust formation. When this happens on a phone it tends to be difficult to repair and should be replaced with new components.

2. Unplugging Connected Devices

Unplugging connected devices is the next way, how to get water out of phone. However, remove any removable parts such as SIM cards and memory, as the battery and case cannot be easily removed from mobile phones with built-in battery. Open all the covers of the main unit, such as the SIM box and the headphone jack cover.

Cell phones already have a Liquid Damage Indicator (LDI) so don’t try to force shut them down, especially if you’re not very experienced at disassembling cell phones. If the LDI is damaged it can void the warranty and of course cause other damage.

3. Shake The Phone To Drain Water

After all parts have been removed, shake or gently shake the HP unit to remove any moisture inside. If you shake it too vigorously, the water may splash or splash into other parts, so be careful. Shake lightly or in one direction only.

4. Dry With Absorbent Wipes

If you are afraid of shaking your phone because of the risk of water getting on other components. You can also dry the phone directly with a cloth that absorbs water easily. Here’s how to get water out your phone with easy tools, but make sure the cloth is completely absorbed and dry.

After drying, apply gently to wet or damp areas, no need to rub as the water will spread. The first thing to dry is the exterior, especially the LCD and screen. This is because this part is the most vulnerable to water. Next come the parts like the charging and headphone connection holes.

5. Eucalyptus Oil Can Be Alternative

An alternative to prevent corrosion and rusting of iron is to use thinner or eucalyptus oil. Use a toothbrush or soft-bristle brush to clean some components of your phone. Avoid using as much as it could set and damage the components.

How To Get Water Out Of a Phone Speaker

How To Get Water Out Your Phone, How To Get Water Out Of a Phone Speaker

Another part that can be sensitive and damaged if the phone is submerged in water is the speaker. Yes, speaker components are also important. Because it is used to hear sounds. When exposed to water, it is the absence of damage, fading or smearing, cracking, high-pitched sound or sound that may occur if not intervened immediately.

The next step how to get water out your phone can be used to remove water from iPhones and other smartphones. So, what to do if water enters your phone speaker ? Follow the steps below to immediately hide your phone’s speaker when exposed to water :

1. Check Your Speaker Volume

The way how to get water out of your phone speaker is to check the volume first. This method is done to maximize the volume setting and see if the emitted sound is still normal. You can easily follow these steps:

  • Go to settings
  • Select the sound menu
  • Then adjust the volume and notice if the sound is clear or low.

2. Clean Speaker From Dew and Dust

Exposure to water can cause condensation and residual dust to adhere to the speaker. This dirt can cause crackling or softening in the speaker. After opening the phone case for the first time, use a cotton swab to clean the speaker (if the speaker is on the back).

For cell phones that are battery operated and won’t turn on, you can use a small tool such as a pin or safety pin, put cotton on the tip of the needle, squeeze it, insert it into the hole and drain the remaining water to clean it. I can do that. .

3. Dry The Speaker Immediately

It is important to immediately getting water out of phone and dry any exposed or wet areas of the speaker. There are many methods you can use to dry them, depending on the tools you have in the house. Some of those.

a. How to get water out of a phone speaker with rice

Soaking the wet part of the phone exposed to water in rice is a simple method that is claimed to be effective due to the nature of rice, which absorbs moisture easily. For this method, pour enough rice to bury all the phone’s components, including the speaker, in a bowl, basin, or plastic bag.

High temperatures caused by piles of rice can cause water to drain from the phone quickly. So,  how long to leave phone in rice ? You just have to let it sit for 2-3 days, and when it’s completely dry you can turn it on. This step how to get water out your phone, it’s very powerful and quite simple isn’t it!

b. How to get water out of a phone speaker with hair dryer

The next method is one made without using rice. Another way how to get water out of your phone without rice is to use a hair dryer. A blow of hot air will help dry the moisture in the speaker. Here’s how to remove water from your phone using the right hair dryer.

  • Turn on your hair dryer and set it to the lowest heat mode.
  • Go to speaker section
  • Allow to cool for about 5-10 seconds before drying again.

In some cases, it is not recommended to use a hair dryer to dry the phone. Because prolonged exposure can generate heat high enough to damage phone components. Therefore, do not use it for a long time. Or you can use other methods.

c. How to get water out of your phone speaker with a fan

If you don’t have a hair dryer or don’t want to use rice. So, one way how to get water out of your phone without rice is to use a fan to dry your phone’s speaker. All you have to do is hang or place your mobile phone in front of the fan and set it so that the wind direction is focused on your mobile phone. Using this method, the phone will usually dry within 5-6 hours.

4. Retest Speaker Sound

After all the ways how to get water out your phone above, you have done and made sure the cellphone is completely dry. Then test the sound of your speaker. You can run the volume test method as above. This is to maximize volume. Listen carefully to the quality of the sound coming out of the speakers.

If you hear a clear, loud sound, the speaker is back to normal. You can also test it using a secret code. Some Android phones have secret codes that can be used to activate hidden features; one of them is to do a speaker sound test.

Codes vary by mobile phone brand and can be accessed by entering the code in the dial-up menu and selecting Call or Call. Therefore, if your HP speaker does not produce sound after testing, it is most likely damaged. We already know what to do if water gets into the speaker.

5. Go Service Center

If the sound coming out of the speakers is not normal or the problem persists after running the sound test, the last step is to take it to a service center. However, damage caused by water is not covered by the warranty as it includes the negligence of the user.

If the damage is severe, you may need to replace the damaged component with a new one, which can cost you dearly in service fees. These are some ways how to get water out of your phone speaker that you can do at home.


If you want to do the above method, how to get water out your phone. There are a few things you shouldn’t do. Many people rely on instinct or logic to dry and remove water from their phones, but not all of these methods work and they risk damaging your phone further.

Avoid the following when you phone dropped in water :

1. Open Phone Directly

A common reflex when the phone dropped in water is to panic quickly and accidentally press various buttons or turn on the phone. I usually do this to make sure the phone is ok. Unfortunately, this can cause more damage.

2. Connect The Phone to Charger

Do not connect to the charger when wet. Current from the charger can cause a short circuit or electric shock. This also applies if your phone is exposed to water while charging. The best thing to do is to immediately remove the connector from the charger.

When you accidentally drop phone in water. Do not attempt to charge the battery, because this will damage the battery and cause why iPhone battery draining so fast. The resulting short circuit can damage various components such as batteries, microchips, resistors, and capacitors.

3. Blow Water On The Phone

When phone dropped in water, blowing the cell phone is one of the common reflections. Especially if you don’t have appliances like fans to help speed up the drying process. However, this method is not recommended as it can lead to deep water penetration and cause fatal damage.

Hence, how to get water out your phone is recommended to dry the phone thoroughly and place it in a dry place with warm air instead of air drying it. Alternatively, you can use rice to dry the water. It also prevents your iPhone keep restarting when you turn it on.

4. Excessive Use of Hair Dryer

As mentioned earlier, it’s fine to use a hair dryer to dry a wet phone, but use it properly to avoid risking damage. This is because it can increase the temperature of the electrical components of the device and cause more serious damage.

Actually, this is a way how to get water out of your phone without rice. But you don’t use it much either. In addition, if there is still water in the components of your phone, the shock steam may spread the water further, causing a short circuit in other components.

5. Move Your Phone a Lot

If you accidentally dropped iPhone in water and try to remove the water from your phone. Do not move your iPhone too much, if you want to gently shake or shake your phone to remove moisture, do so slowly and briefly.

This is because if you move your phone around too much, you risk splashing water and getting into your hardware. We also recommend avoiding this method and using a clean, dry cloth or cloth to keep your phone dry. Keep your phone safe and ready to use by following the instructions written above by xabiamedia.com.

So instructions on different ways,  how to get water out your phone. Please follow the instructions above properly to avoid causing further damage. If the phone still does not turn on, immediately take it to a service center for repair. Some of the steps above can also be used as a way, how to get water out of your phone camera.

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