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How To Lock App On iPhone, in Two Easy Ways !!

How To Lock App On iPhone, in Two Easy Ways !!

Why are more and more people wondering how to lock app on iPhone ? This is of course, because users want to have adequate protection, especially when it comes to privacy. Therefore, various methods are being explored to prevent unauthorized third parties from accessing or opening important applications on smartphones.

There is no denying that more and more people are concerned about the privacy of others. In fact, this is a private area that should not be interfered with by others. You certainly need to be aware of situations like this. For most people, mobile phones are very private. Only the owner can know the contents, such as photos, files, and conversations.

One way, how to lock an app on iPhone is using apps for locking apps for your smartphone. You can lock any number of applications that are considered vulnerable, such as social media. And maybe you also need knowledge about steps to fix an iPhone won’t charge.

How To Lock App On iPhone

Are you an iOS or Android phone user ? After all, the phone you use every day is also used for many activities. It is used only as a means of entertainment such as watching movies and listening to music, but it is okay to lock some applications.

If you still don’t know how to lock an app on iPhone, you can try the two methods below, both with and without third-party applications :

1. Use Restrictions

How to lock an app on iPhone this is something you should try. Restrictions feature allows users to lock any app they want, such as her Instagram :

  • First, you need to go to the settings menu of your phone
  • On the Settings page, select the General menu, then select Restrictions
  • To enable the App Lock feature, enable Restrictions or Enable Restrictions and click
  • Then enter the passcode you used
  • Finally, decide which apps you want to lock so that no one can access them except yourself.

2. Enable the Touch ID Feature

The Touch ID feature is certainly familiar to iPhone users. How to use the ID function to lock applications on the following iPhones. If you have upgraded your smartphone to iOS 11 version, please follow the steps, how to lock app on iPhone in below :

  • The first is by entering your phone’s Settings menu
  • Find the Touch ID & Password menu and enter your password
  • Then enable his Touch ID for the desired application
  • Follow your iPhone’s instructions to return to the Settings page
  • Go to Passcode & Touch ID and enable Touch ID passcode
  • You can now lock some apps using your fingerprint

3. Use Face Recognition ( Face ID )

Face ID is an additional security feature on iPhones and iPads. If you don’t want to enter a password or PIN to unlock your device, you can use this feature. The way to lock apps on iPhone is by using Face ID. You can try the settings now. how to lock apps on iphone with face id ? See this review :

WhatsApp is one of the most used applications, so it is very natural if you want to lock this one application.

  • First, open the WA app and tap the Settings tab at the bottom
  • Go to Account > Privacy > Screen lock and enable Face ID required
  • Specify how long the app will wait before automatically locking

PayPal, many people use PayPal to facilitate transactions around the world. Financial information in this application is highly sensitive and should be properly protected. With iPhone 12, you can use Face ID to add another layer of protection.

  • First, open the PayPal app already installed on your phone
  • Tap Settings or the gear icon in the top right
  • Scroll down until you find Login & Security
  • Then select Enable Face ID feature

4. Use App Lockers

If you prefer to use other methods of locking apps on your iPhone, it doesn’t hurt to try App LockerS. This application allows iPhone users to lock not only applications, but also photos, folders, and layouts on the home screen. Here’s how to lock app on iPhone :

  • Download and install AppLocker on your iPhone
  • Then open Settings in the AppLocker app and press the On button
  • Set passwords and select files, photos, folders, and applications to lock

5. Use The iProtect App

Another option to lock apps on your iPhone is to use an app locker. You can use the iProtect application. You can get this one application locking application by downloading it for free on Cydia.

  • First, install iProtect on your iPhone, then open the app
  • Specifies the lock used to lock some apps
  • You can also use your password or fingerprint
  • Select the apps you want to lock after setting a password and press Save
  • After that, the selected application will be automatically locked

6. With 360 Security app

There is nothing wrong with using third-party apps to lock apps on your smartphone. This can be an alternative to how to lock an app on iPhone. Also, this method applies to all types and brands of smartphones. Therefore, you do not need to be a user of a particular mobile phone brand to use this method.

There are many options for applying a lock screen, such as using a PIN or password. Access to some apps is restricted when the screen is locked. As a result, even if you own the phone, you still need to unlock the lock screen to access the apps you need.

It is very easy to use 360 ​​App to lock apps on your iPhone. Here how to lock app on iPhone :

  • First, download the app from the Play Store
  • Once installed, settings are made through the settings, not the app
  • Then create your security model as an app lock code. For security reasons, do not share your pattern with anyone
  • Check the pattern again and again and don’t forget the pattern
  • Then enter an active email address that you always use to receive your verification code in case you forget the pattern you created
  • Select some apps to lock
  • If the app asks for permission, grant access so the app can lock selected apps
  • The appearance of the green padlock logo indicates that the app is securely locked and can only be unlocked by you
  • After all processes are complete, you can exit 360 Security.

Apart from its main function as an antivirus, this 360 security locker app also has interesting features like a multifunctional lock screen. So you can choose this app to lock your phone’s apps. This feature simplifies some operations on your phone even when the screen is locked. And maybe you also read this article step to fix iPhone keep restarting ramdomly.

How To Lock an App On iPhone in Another Versions

One way to protect sensitive data on your iPhone is to lock it. It does more than just lock the phone screen as you can lock multiple apps including photo storage and more. The iPhone’s security features are supported by many Apple Inc. It is one of the favorite features of the smartphone user.

This smartphone has a fairly high level of security. iPhone 5s and later have Touch ID. This button activates the fingerprint sensor. For added security, iPhone users have several options:

1. How to Lock App On iPhone Without Apps

You can lock apps on your smartphone without using third-party apps. If you don’t know how, try the next method.

a). Lock Apps on iOS 10 and 9.0

iOS 9.0 Pie or iOS 10 users can lock as many apps as they don’t want anyone to touch or open, This the septs :

  • First you need to open Settings, select Security or Biometrics & Security, and then select Other Security Settings
  • Then scroll down and select Advanced Settings
  • Select the button next to the Pin window to lock the app
  • To enable it, turn on Screen pinning and set a previous lock screen password or pattern
  • To continue, select Require PIN before unlocking PIN and enable PIN for a higher level of security
  • Select the Overview icon at the bottom of the screen, then tap the icon of the app you want to pin
  • If you don’t have an Overview button, scroll to find the app you want to pin and tap the icon above it
  • After selecting Pin this app, select OK to continue
  • To unpin an app, press and hold the back and overview buttons at the same time
  • Enter the required security options, such as a password, to unpin the screen
  • One thing to know is that some phones with iOS operating system require a long press on Home to unpin.

b. Lock Apps on iPhone 7 and iPhone 8

Please check your smartphone’s iOS version before locking the app. In this article how to lock an app on iphone, do the following to avoid wrong application:

  • The first step is to open the Settings menu or Settings and tap on Lock screen & security
  • Select More security settings and Pin windows to continue
  • Open the tool to enable screen pinning
  • Enable Unpin using the screen lock type toggle
  • Then select Overview and don’t forget to hover over the app window you want to lock
  • Select the thumbtack or umbrella icon in the lower right corner, tap it and click Start
  • Select it and press the Back and Overview icon to unpin it
  • Enter the pattern or other security options you used when unpinning

c. Lock Apps on iPhone X, Xr, iPhone 13

Secure Folder allows iPhone users to protect selected apps with security options. For smartphones without secure folders, users can download it from the Apple Store. Unfortunately, this method is only available for iPhone x and 13+ users.

Watch our tutorial, how to lock app on iPhone as follows :

  • After entering your settings, you can select Biometrics & Security and Secure Folders
  • Tap Agree on the welcome screen and sign in to your account when prompted
  • Select Lock Type and Pattern or Password, enter and confirm your choice
  • To continue, select Secure Folder from the app drawer and then tap Add app
  • Select some apps to put in the secure folder and click Add
  • If available, you can select Lock and Exit in the upper right corner
  • The next step is to enter your password or PIN and select Lock and Exit

Basically, how to lock an app on iPhone is pretty easy with or without apps. If you are using a third-party app, make sure your phone has enough storage space for the app to install and run properly. Locking apps on iPhone is a great way to protect important data, private galleries, chat content and other sensitive information. Also read this article, maybe it will be useful for you how to restart an iPhone.

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